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Your restaurant has a lot of moving parts.

From the time you put into menu selections and food choices, to managing your wide range of staff positions, serving and listening to what your customers want, and all the while trying to operate a tight budget within the margin. The last thing.. The VERY last thing you want to worry about is on-time delivery of your food products, or the stocking, shelving and rotating of your stock. These are two non-negotiable, have-to-happen kind of things that our team is ready and willing make happen.

From the time you place your order with us, we make, pick, stack, wrap and load your order into our refrigerated trucks which our drivers then arrive on time at your location, bring the goods in by dolly, count, stock and rotate the goods on the dry shelf and in the coolers and then if necessary leaving you a note about stock levels if they see anything out of the ordinary that you may need to address. Delicious product – Excellent service.
While our competition considers their deliveries to be “Dump and Runs”. We strive for something better for our customers.


Interested in learning how Piqua Pizza Supply can enhance your supply chain, reduce your costs, eliminate waste, and provide a higher caliber service to your restaurant?

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